Advanced Training Techniques Workshop

Workshop Program

  • Day one: Learning 2.0 tools and methods
  • Day two: Advanced evaluation techniques of training programs

Aim of Workshop

To allow participants to explore learning 2.0 learning tools and methods and explore how these might affect the way that they design and deliver their own training and coaching interventions.

Purpose of the workshop

The world of training and learning is advancing very fast and many people are becoming online publishers of training material without the necessary skills and knowledge about how people learn. This affects the quality of material available in the public domain. It also increases the expectations being made of qualified and experienced trainers, to improve their range of delivery skills to meet the changing needs for more blended learning approaches.

Objectives of the workshop:

During this advanced workshop, participants will have:

  • Revisited the principles about how people learn
  • Discovered 47 different learning 2.0 approaches that can be used to train others
  • Assessed the validity of using these approaches in different scenarios
  • Discussed the things that prevent an audience from learning
  • Created training material using two instructional design techniques
  • Experimented with advanced techniques to assess, validate and evaluate training programs

Learning outcomes from this workshop

As a result of this advanced workshop, participants will be able to review, and if necessary, re-design their existing training material so as to incorporate blended learning approaches, evaluation and quality improvement.

Additional bonus for all participants

During this advanced workshop, participants will have:

  • Pre-workshop VAK learning styles questionnaire
  • Situational knowledge mapping tool with analysis
  • Online professional supervision