Masterclass: Advanced Presentation Skills

Aim of the masterclass

Whatever your working situation: operational day-to-day duties or project teams across different departments ~ success will very much depend on everyone understanding what is required of them, listening and taking action as needed.

This works best when the information needed is very clearly presented whether on a stage, in a meeting or at a trade show or conference. This two-day masterclass is designed to help you to acquire the confidence, skills and knowledge to prepare, and successfully deliver an effective presentation that gets you heard, and your ideas acknowledged.

Takeaways for the participants
At the end of this masterclass, you will have new learning insights that will allow you to:

  • Identify the essential skills that you need to deliver a confident and effective presentation.
  • Select the right amount of content to meet the needs of your audience.
  • Select the most appropriate visuals aids, and other tools, to prepare for a well-structured and high impact, presentation.
  • Engage your audience and handle questions effectively, whilst retaining your ethical, professional and credible position.