This powerful seminar is based on John’s Mattone’s CEO Read/Inc. Magazine best-seller, “Intelligent Leadership”.

The seminar focuses on the principles that make Mattone the man current and future Fortune 500 leaders turn to for game-changing insights on how to overcome their self-imposed limiting thoughts and habits.

He reveals his key insights for unlocking and unleashing greatness in yourself and your teams so you can create a compelling, winning culture that drives breakthrough results.

Program Outline

  • Intelligent Leadership: What is it?
    • The Roadmap to becoming an Intelligent Leader
    • John’s 16 Laws of Intelligent Leadership
    • It’s About Talent…It will always be about Talent
    • The Wheel of Intelligent Leadership
    • Understanding your “Inner-Core”
    • Understanding your “Outer-Core”
    • Connecting the Dots: The Strength and Vibrancy of your “Outer-Core” is predicted by your “Inner-Core” Strength and Maturity

Learning Outcomes (in bullet points)

Through Mattone’s “Leadership Maturity Model”, participants will learn:

  • The core of achieving emotional maturity–possessing a strong self-awareness, self-concept, values, and optimistic belief system.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Positive emotions that empower both the leader and others.
  • Possessing the skills to execute mature leadership behaviors and competencies that drive leadership success.